Long hours working on an engineering Ph.D. sent co-founder, Adrian, on a quest to learn a new hobby and focus his energy on something creative.  Now as fate would have it, Adrian met Britta. Well known for her involvement in the maker community, Britta recognized the uniqueness of Adrian’s paper crafts and suggested that he turn his designs into kits. Since July 2016, this dynamic duo has created a successful business that has been well received on a global scale.



Over the last couple years we have had some incredible interactions with people who have shown us how much our puzzles have touched their lives:

  • A Mental Health Nurse who uses it as a form of therapy with her patients who at risk of suicide. 
  • A mother who used the puzzle as a tool to sit and connect with her 9-year-old boy with autism. 
  • A family who build one for their cottage on a rainy day, 
  • A family who build a deer as an alternative to a Christmas puzzle. 
  • A teacher that used them to improve dexterity with her students.
  • An 11-year-old who wants to practice dexterity and using tools in the dream to one day become an animal surgeon. 
  • A woman recovering from knee surgery
  • A bedridden expected mother who wanted to keep nesting
  • A proud 7-year-old boy who sent his grandmother back to the craft show to show us that he built it. 
  • A gentleman with a form of OCD to stop from picking at his skin
  • A woman who building the puzzles as she watched TV as an alternative to snacking.
  • A school who built their mascot with all their students as a metaphor for the unity of the school 



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