5 tips for making your first Low Poly sculpture

Whether you’ve purchased a kit from us or downloaded a free one online, here are 5 great tips for your first low poly sculpture

1. Know the indicators

If you are using a Low Poly Craft kit, you’ll notice our pre-cut pieces all have lines, lines with circles, small numbers and a large number (potentially with letters) on each piece. It is a good idea to understand what those are before you start. You’ll find our instruction here if you want to study up before buying a kit.

2. Get the Right Glue

If your glue doesn’t dry fast enough or the glue is too wet, it can really slow down your process. Also, some glues dry super shiny, while other glues dry mat. When mistakes happen you’ll want to make sure your glue doesn’t highlight these mistakes. We at Low Poly Crafts love using Aleene’s  Quick Dry Tacky Glue. Although we found all the Aleene’s Tacky Glue sped up our process on glueing our pieces together, we found their Quick Dry version was the most invisible of the options

3. Use a Palette Knife

When applying glue you’ll want to make sure the small little tabs are completely covered by a thin layer of glue.  Applying glue from the bottle often creates little glue blobs which buckle the paper leaving a lumpy look. We found palette knives to be our favourite tool to spread the glue and they all have handles for ergonomic crafting. They are also very cheap, but if you want to splurge, you can always buy the $5 palette knives.

4. Take your time!

This is probably the most important point! It is not a race to the finish, and mistakes happen when you aren’t paying attention and rushing through it. Adrian will sit down with a cup of coffee and make an Urban Hunt kit in a day, while I make the kit little by little and break it up into small manageable chunks. Which every process works for you, make sure you are aware it is a process and enjoy it!

5. Hanging your work!

All of our Urban Hunt series have a hole in the back panel for you to hang it from. We use the 3M hooks on our wall, because they are easy to install, and we don’t have to worry about leaving a hole in the wall.